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Dubai is one of the safest, vibrant, modern metropolitan cities with a futuristic outlook that is progressive, smart and inclusive. It has positioned itself as an international hub for innovation and sustainability, not only welcoming the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but embracing it alongside being environmentally friendly and focusing on happiness for all. At the heart of Dubai’s passion is its perseverance to become a leader in tourism, economy, fashion and much more. 

The UAE strategic vision 2021 aims at establishing “first rate educational system” in the country (UAE Vision 2021, 2014). Key focus has also been given to Education under Expo2020’s Opportunity theme. As a result, UAE is widely recognised as an educational hub hosting various prestigious national and international universities, accredited by international certification bodies and the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation, making the educational field in the UAE diverse and different. 

In order to create a truly world-class education system, it is critical to focus on academic integrity which is vital to assessment practices. With one international conference focusing on academic integrity, and a handful of research in the area focusing on local and regional studies, the 6th International Conference Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond 2020 in Dubai promises to pave the way for dialogue among all stakeholders on the importance of and the need for more research in this area.

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