ENAI Conference Travel Grant

ENAI Conference Travel Grant

Objectives of the GrantContent of the GrantDates and deadlinesEvaluation criteriaContent of the applicationSubmission of the applicationCoordinator of the process of the Grant

Limited number of ENAI Conference Travel Grants (for 3 delegates) are available for those who are unable to receive financial support to participate in the conference. The grant covers the cost of registration including a three-day stay in a single room at a hotel. An additional amount up to 250 EUR will also be provided for each grant winner to contribute to their travel expenses. Also an ENAI Conference Travel Grant Certificate will be presented to the successful applicants.

The committee represented by the ENAI board members will consider the merit of the applicant in the field of academic integrity in addition to the financial situation. The identities of the applicants will be kept confidential and only the names of the winners will be announced publicly on the conference website. Please see the Evaluation Criteria below for details of the selection process.

Objectives of the Grant

ENAI aims to support scholars who perform significant activities in the field of academic integrity but for any reasons are not able to receive funding for conference attendance.

The ENAI Conference Travel Grant aims especially at…
…whistle-blowers who might be persecuted from an institutional or political side…
…people who perform research or practical activities in academic integrity but are not endorsed on any local level…
…all other teachers, students, researchers, librarians, etc. contributing to academic integrity but not being adequately supported by their institution…

The objective of the grant is to bring to the conference valuable contributions informing mainly (but not exclusive) about following topics:

  • Samples of good practices related to academic integrity
  • Research relating to academic integrity and ethical practices
  • Research against ghost writers
  • Developing institutional academic integrity policies
  • Interpreting text-matching software similarity ratio

Content of the Grant

  • Conference fee waiver (the winners can attend the whole conference programme including the social programme).
  • Three-day stay (18-21 June) in a single room at a hotel close to the conference venue selected by conference organizers.
  • Travel expenses up to 250 EUR (the travel fund will be paid after the conference based on provided traveling documents).

Dates and deadlines

Submission of the full paper via conference system: 28th February 2019
Submission of the Grant application via email: 28th February 2019
Announcement of the Grant winners: 1st April 2019

Evaluation criteria

Eligibility criteria Scores
Accepted (incl. with minor revision) full paper in the oficial conference peer review procedure YES | NO
Declared impossibility to get institutional/local/national or other funding for conference attendance YES | NO
Selection Criteria Scores
Merit and relevance of the proposed contribution to the objective of the grant (refers to the submitted full paper) 1 2 3 4 5
Motivational strength of the applicant (refers to the motivation letter, and also to the CV and letter of support) 1 2 3 4 5
Possibility of spreading ENAI’s message (refers to the ‘ENAI dissemination’ section in the letter of application, and also to the CV and letter of support). 1 2 3 4 5

The applications will be evaluated independently by the ENAI board members.

Content of the application

Each applicant must submit a full paper through the conference system.

The grant application is submitted via email (sent to dita.dlabolova@academicintegrity.eu) must consist of following parts:

  • Brief motivation letter for conference participation
    • please focus primarily at your potential contribution for the other conference participants and the potential benefits of the conference and beyond, for you, and your institution/region
  • Your CV highlighting you activities relating to academic integrity
  • The applicant’s proposed post-conference contributions to the dissemination of ENAI activities in their own region
    • The predicted travel expenses

    • please note that the applicant is expected to choose the most economical way of transport
  • Letter of support
    • Brief text confirming the applicant’s proclaimed qualifications or activities in the field of academic integrity from a colleague from a different institution then the applicants’. Preferably from an ENAI affiliate association (a member institution, a partner network or an individual supporter) + contact details
    • Document proving impossibility of institutional/local/national or other funding for conference attendance.

    • Please provide any evidence confirming the necessity of the grant.

Submission of the application

  • The application containing all required parts must be emailed to the coordinator of the ENAI Grant: dita.dlabolova@academicintegrity.eu). The subject of the email is “ENAI Conference Travel Grant Application”.
  • The deadline is 28th February 2019 23:59 GMT
  • Applications not containing all required documents will not be considered as eligible!

Coordinator of the process of the Grant

  • Ing. Dita Dlabolová, Ph.D.
  • dita.dlabolova@academicintegrity.eu, +420 545 132 266
  • Department of Informatics, Mendel University in Brno
  • Member of auditing group of European Network for Academic Integrity
  • Please feel free to contact her with any queries about the Grant!
Mykolas Romeris University
Mendel University in Brno
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Council of Europe
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Office of the Ombudsman for Academic Ethics and Procedures of the Republic of Lithuania

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