Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) is a public institution of higher education and research situated in Vilnius. Modern, creative and entrepreneurial academic community has raised MRU to the one of the leading universities of social sciences in Lithuania.

Currently MRU enrols over 8 000 students. It applies student-oriented approach were youngsters actively join in MRU Students’ Representative Body, have seats in university governance bodies at all levels (starting with University Council, and ending with committees of every study program), are invited to join research and other projects. The University develops research activities and delivers Bachelor, Master and doctoral study programs in diverse areas, such as economics, politics, management, social technologies, law, psychology, social policy, education, humanities. Research oriented on social innovation at the University is carried out by interdisciplinary groups of scientists, researchers and students, united in Social Innovations Network of Laboratories – MRU LABs. MRU is internationally recognized as one of the best universities in CEE creating and implementing social innovations.

MRU has a full membership of the following international higher education organizations, such as International Association of Universities, European University Association, European Association for International Education, European-Asian Knowledge Consortium Social Technologies for Smart and Inclusive Society, European Network for Academic Integrity and others.


Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU) is the oldest independent specialized university in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1918 as an agricultural university. Nowadays, Mendel University is formed by five faculties: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry and Wood-technology, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Horticulture, and Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies. MENDELU provides variety of study programmes for almost 10,000 students at bachelor, master and PhD level, conducts excellent research in many areas and is continuously increasing its quality.


European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) is an association of institutions engaged in education. The objectives of ENAI are to promote integrity in whole academia (i.e. education, research and other aspects of academic sector), specifically:

  • to collaborate towards research and promotion of academic integrity
  • to provide a platform for academics across all sectors to investigate, exchange, develop, collaborate and access resources in the field of academic integrity
  • to offer opportunities for researchers, educators and practitioners to take a leadership role in the field of academic integrity
  • to present best practices in the management of academic integrity
  • to make available a central point of reference where issues of academic integrity can be discussed, researched, progressed and shared with the wider academic community
  • to organize conferences, workshops and other events on academic integrity
  • to network and collaborate with individuals and organisations actively pursuing related research
  • to collaborate towards research
  • to appreciate individual and institutional efforts regarding academic integrity by offering awards.


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Scientific board

Muhittin ACAR, Hacettepe University (Turkey)

Alla ANOHINA-NAUMECA, Riga Technical University (Latvia)

Marco COSENTINO, University of Insubria (Italy)

Dita DLABOLOVÁ, Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic)

Wendy DROZENOVA, Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

Tomáš FOLTÝNEK, Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic)

Irene GLENDINNING, Coventry University (UK)

Gerd-Michael HELLSTERN, University Kassel (Germany)

Vaidas JURKEVIČIUS, Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)

Mari KOOSKORA, Estonian Business School, (Estonia)

Erika LÖFSTRÖM, Tallinn University (Estonia)

Franca MARINO, University of Insubria (Italy)

Marina NISTOTSKAYA, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Raminta PUČĖTAITĖ, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Salim RAZI, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey)

Laura RIBEIRO, University of Porto (Portugal)

Anita RODIŅA, University of Latvia (Latvia)

Shiva SIVASUBRAMANIAM, Nottingham Trent University (UK)

Oliver TREVISIOL, University of Konstanz (Germany)

Natalija VALAVIČIENĖ, Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)

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