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Erica Flinspach, Encouraging originality & celebrating diversity on a mega scale: The Unisa story | Wednesday, June 19, 14.40-15.25 Keynote_sponsor_Turnitin

Peter Witasp, The threat of false positives | Thursday, June 20, 13.40-14.25 Keynote_sponsor_Urkund

Markus Goldbach, Author metrics: A stylometric approach to catching ghost writers | Friday, June 21, 10.30-11.15 Keynote_sponsor_PlagScan


Kiosks by Sponsors

Turnitin is your partner in fostering original thinking and supporting authentic learning. Turnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, and improve outcomes across educational levels and content areas. Turnitin leverages cutting-edge technology to provide tools that prevent plagiarism, deliver formative and summative feedback, surface actionable reporting, and investigate academic misconduct. Growing from one million student paper submissions in 2002 to one billion in 2018, Turnitin serves over 15,000 institutions globally and is headquartered in Oakland, Calif., with international offices in the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Korea, India, and throughout Latin America. We’d love to talk to you about your current needs and how Turnitin can support you. Visit us at our stand to find out more.

Turnitin has supported the Plagiarism Across Europe & Beyond conference from its inception in the Czech Republic in 2013 and view the event as one of the key academic integrity conferences worldwide, attracting contributions from prominent researchers and practitioners working in this area. As a company we are committed to actively working with the global academic integrity community to explore the challenges facing institutions and establish and develop partnerships in order to find solutions based on good practice and the everyday experiences of teachers and researchers. This conference provides the ideal forum for these open and honest interchanges, so please come and talk to Turnitin about what matters to you!


Urkund is an automatic text-recognition system made for detecting, preventing and handling plagiarism, no matter language. We are passionate about helping schools, universities and corporations to encourage original writing and have done so for almost 20 years.

Please come by and let us know how you are working to promote original writing at your university. We are developing our system for you and we want your opinion.


Since many years, PlagScan has supported the international quest for fair and equal education standards by detecting plagiarism in academic work. With the growing availability of paper mills and affordable ghostwriting services, PlagScan also widened their approach to safeguard academic integrity by detecting commissioned documents. The implementation of latest technologies from Computational Linguistics into the PlagScan solution, now gives to professors and instructors the foundation for further investigation on documents which they might have a gut feeling about. Markus Goldbach, PlagScan’s CEO will describe such approach on June 21th, at 10:30am in detail. We’re looking forward to discussing the communities’ experiences and ideas on protecting academic integrity.

PlagScan sees itself as safeguard of Academic Integrity. We are looking forward to interesting discussions on how you and PlagScan can work together in promoting creative thinking and original writing at your organisation. You will have a tour of Author Metrics, our new addition in our portfolio.

Visit us on our booth and share your ideas with us.


Epigeum, part of Oxford University Press, is a leading provider of online training courses that support the core activities of universities and colleges in four areas: teaching and development, research, studying, and support and wellbeing. Each interactive, online course is developed through a unique process of global collaboration between world-class subject experts, partner institutions, and in-house specialists. The course is then made available to higher education institutions on a subscription basis – making consistent, cost-effective training achievable for all.

Epigeum will introduce its latest interactive, online programme, ‘Academic Integrity’, at ‘Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond’. With content tailored to students at various stages of their studies, as well as members of staff, this multidisciplinary programme explores areas such as contract cheating, assessment design and group work – supporting the development of a robust, institution-wide culture of academic integrity. We are delighted to offer all conference delegates the opportunity to explore the programme at our stand, and sign up for free trial access for their institution.


Plagiat.pl was established in Warsaw in 2002 and made tremendous way of protecting copyright in academic institutions around the globe. Company is an owner of StrikePlagiarism.com system and operates in 17 countries. We offer effective plagiarism detection system used on a regular basis by more than 500 academic institutions and publishers around the world. StrikePlagiarism.com became a leader in Central and Eastern Europe and is the best tool to check academic documents in different languages. StrikePlagiarism.com is one of the products of Plagiat.pl and along with ASAP (Academic System of Archiving Papers) became popular due to its intuitive interface and unique technologies.
Plagiat.pl is sponsoring ENAI conference for the last few years and disseminating its values and gained practices. The anti-plagiarism system is not effective tool without sustainable procedures and comprehensive regulations. Therefore, Plagiat.pl pays significant attention in developing processes and procedures for HEIs, providing consulting services. Our efforts in Europe and Asia were highly valued by Ministries of Education and Science of Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan etc. The regulations and procedures implemented by our international offices in Warsaw, Malaga, Bucharest, Lviv, Almaty and Baku in HEIs created a strong foundation for further raise in a quality of education and decrease of plagiarism in science. We are happy to share this knowledge and learn more from our partners.
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