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Integrity in academic writing
Integrity in on-line education
Academic integrity in Secondary education
Academic integrity: current research
Bridging academic integrity and research ethics
Student involvement in building a culture of academic integrity
Academic integrity and text matching software tools
Other topic

Tuesday, June 8th

AGM 9:00 12:00 Annual General Meeting of the European Network for Academic Integrity (by invitation only)
PCWS1 13:00 14:30 Policies to Address Contract Cheating (Pre-conference workshop (open)) Sonja Bjelobaba, Thomas Lancaster, Irene Glendinning, D. Stritch & Zeenath Reza Khan W
PCWS2 15:00 16:30 Publication and research integrity: Does it matter where you publish your research? (Pre-conference workshop (open)) Irene Glendinning, Salim Razi, Sonja Bjelobaba, Shiva Sivasubramaniam, Milan Ojstersek W

Wednesday, June 9th

O 9:00 9:45 Opening
KN1 10:00 10:45 Keynote – Guy Curtis: Evolving an understanding of academic integrity

PS1 11:00 11:45 Parallel sessions
PS1A 11:00 11:45 Accuracy of referencing in Master’s theses reflecting integrity in academic writing Erja Moore L
PS1B 11:00 11:25 Remote proctored exams: minimizing the harms and maximizing the benefits Phillip Dawson S
11:25 11:50 Shifts in student behaviours during COVID19: Impacts of social interactions Ann M. Rogerson S
PS1C 11:00 11:25 Promoting and maintaining a culture of academic integrity in institutions of higher education: Key findings and recommendations from thirty years of Australian research (1991-2021) Carmela De Maio & Kathryn Dixon S
11:25 11:50 Self-report of academic misconduct practices among university students Ines Caldas S
PS1D 11:00 11:45 Researching Academic Integrity: Ways to Help Research Participants Give Genuine Responses Inga Gaižauskaitė, Sonja Bjelobaba, Rubén Comas-Forgas, Tomáš Foltýnek, Irene Glendinning, Stella-Maris Orim, Salim Razı, Zeenath Reza Khan, Laura Ribeiro, Shiva Sivasubramaniam & Lorna Waddington W

PS2 12:00 12:45 Parallel sessions
PS2A 12:00 12:45 Who is Responsible for Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence? An analysis using the example of academic writing Nicolaus Wilder, Doris Weßels, Johanna Gröpler, Andrea Klein & Margret Mundorf W
PS2B 12:00 12:25 Developing a Shared Culture of Commitment to Academic Integrity: A Student-Staff Partnership Approach Morag Munro, Nicole Carr, Eddie Corr, Karla Doyle, Susan Gottlöber, Sabrina Marwede & Robyn Meyler S
12:25 12:50 Creation of an Academic Integrity Club at a University – Sharing our Experience Sruthi Ramdas, Serene Regi John & Gomathi Kadayam Guruswami S
PS2C 12:00 12:45 The role electronic online platforms play in supporting learning and teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic Shivadas Sivasubramaniam, Zeenath Reza Khan, Pranit Anand, & Ajrina Hysaj W
PS2D 12:00 12:45 When it Comes to my Values – I Act Marijana Blećić, Dijana Vučković, Sanja Peković, Igor Lakić & Božidar Popović L

12:45 14:00 Lunch break. Sponsors slot: Turnitin; Studiosity

PD1 14:00 14:45 Panel: Student involvement in building culture of academic integrity. Moderator: Pegi Pavletić

PS3 15:00 15:45 Parallel sessions
PS3A 15:00 15:25 Preventing student plagiarism: findings of a joint project involving Czech universities Petr Černikovský & Tomáš Foltýnek S
15:25 15:50 Practices of Academic Integrity in Teacher Education Program in Nepal Tika Ram Pokhrel S
PS3B 15:00 15:45 Making academic integrity accessible the outreach way Zeenath Reza Khan, Michael Draper, Sonja Bjelobaba, Salim Razi & Shiva Sivasubramaniam W
PS3C 15:00 15:45 Exploring models of Online Learning Communities to expand Academic Integrity Understandings in Chilean Higher Education Beatriz Antonieta Moya & Sarah Elaine Eaton L
PS3D 15:00 15:45 Comparison of institutional strategies for academic integrity in Europe and Eurasia Irene Glendinning W

PS4 16:00 16:45 Parallel sessions
PS4A 16:00 16:45 Academic integrity socialization and language competence training for undergraduates during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Canadian university’s experience Elaine Khoo L
PS4B 16:00 16:45 Talking to a Wall: The Response of Universities to Documentations of Plagiarism in Doctoral Theses Debora Weber-Wulff L
PS4C 16:00 16:25 Teaching the teachers: Do preservice teachers cheat and plagiarize? Martine Peters, Sylvie Fontaine & Eric Frenette S
16:25 16:50 Degrees of Deceit Research Project: Preliminary Findings Jamie J. Carmichael & Sarah Elaine Eaton S
PS4D 16:00 16:45 The Practice of Promoting Academic Integrity Fiona O’Riordan & Rob Lowney L

19:00 Late Finger-food evening: Evidence-based education & Sponsors (bring your own finger-food and wine, we bring the food for your brain!)

Thursday, June 10th

KN2 9:00 9:45 Keynote – Erika Löfström: Supervision as an arena for teaching and learning academic integrity and research ethics

PS5 10:00 10:45 Parallel sessions
PS5A 10:00 10:45 Comparative study of openly accessible ethical policies and processes across four universities to understand their disciplinary level focus S D Sivasubramaniam, Zeenath Reza Khan & Salim Razı L
PS5B 10:00 10:45 Assessing distance education and academic integrity Mariya Chankova L
PS5C 10:00 10:25 Developing a centralised online case management system to support academic integrity breaches at an Australian university Andrew Kelly & Diane Ingram S
10:25 10:50 Ethical and privacy considerations of the marketing tactics used by some academic assignment providers: a case-study. Robin Crockett & Rachel Maxwell S
PS5D 10:00 10:45 Developing decision support for marker detection of contract cheating: an investigative corpus linguistic approach. Olumide Popoola L

PS6 11:00 11:45 Parallel sessions
PS6A 11:00 11:25 What can institutions do to make research integrity education a core responsibility? – Policy guidelines for research institutions Krishma Labib, & Joeri Tijdink, on behalf of the SOPs4RI project S
PS6A 11:25 11:50 Patterns of defining Academic Integrity among BA students and the relation with dynamics of the faculty, university, and field of study Emilia Șercan & Bogdan Voicu S
PS6B 11:00 11:45 Interpreting text-matching software similarity reports Dita Henek Dlabolová & Tomáš Foltýnek W
PS6C 11:00 11:45 The role of students in the preservation of academic integrity Pegi Pavletić & Martin Hammerbauer L
PS6D 11:00 11:25 Managing academic integrity in primary school assessments by managing parental involvement Zeenath Reza Khan & V. Mulani S
PS6D 11:25 11:50 Contract cheating incidents in schools and tertiary learning institutions in the UAE from a social lens Prakash Vel & Zeenath Reza Khan S

PS7 12:00 12:45 Parallel sessions
PS7A 12:00 12:45 Understanding the barriers and enablers of ethical guidance and review for academic research: A practical workshop Shiva Sivasubramaniam, Zeenath Reza Khan, Salim Razi, Sonja Bjelobaba & Irene Glendinning W
PS7B 12:00 12:45 Transitioning from face-to-face to online exams: Devising a course-specific strategy to deter cheating Phoebe Stavride & Angelika Kokkinaki L
PS7C 12:00 12:25 Anti-Collusion Distanced Online Testing Jingwen Qian, Sujoy Sikdar, Junming Wang, Mengzhou Li, Ge Wang & Lirong Xia S
12:25 12:50 Teaching academic integrity to medical students in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic Sandra F. Gomes & Laura Ribeiro S
PS7D 12:00 12:45 Academic Ghost Writing and Contract Cheating Provision Observed on a Freelancing Website Thomas Lancaster & Benjamin Dent L

13:00 14:00 Lunch break. Sponsors slot:; StrikePlagiarism

PD2 14:00 14:45 Panel: Academic integrity in Secondary education, Moderator: Inga Gaižauskaitė

PS8 15:00 15:45 Parallel sessions
PS8A 15:00 15:45 How Teachers Can Strengthen Academic Integrity Culture: Ukrainian Perspectives on Academic Integrity Yana Chapailo, Anastasiia Sydoruk & Kateryna Kostohryz L
PS8B 15:00 15:45 Bridging Academic Integrity, Research and Integrity in Business and Society Sonja Bjelobaba, Veli Kreci, Hajrulla Hajrullai & Sandra Krutulienė L
PS8C 15:00 15:25 Do hijacked journals attract dishonest authors? Anna Abalkina S
15:25 15:50 ‘Nepotistic journals’: a survey of biomedical journals Alexandre Scanff, Florian Naudet, Ioana Cristea, David Moher, Dorothy V M Bishop & Clara Locher S
PS8D 15:00 15:45 Data Mining of Online Quiz Log Files: Creation of Automated Tools for Identification of Possible Academic Misconduct in Large STEM Courses Emma Spanswick, Marzena Kastyak-Ibrahim, Corey Flynn, Sarah Elaine Eaton & Nancy Chibry L

PS9 16:00 16:45 Parallel sessions
PS9A 16:00 16:25 Beyond the teachers’ gaze: implications for academic integrity of Swedish pupils’ social strategies in backstage spaces Charlotta Rönn S
16:25 16:50 Developing an academic integrity policy writing assistant for K12 schools Özgür Çelik & Salim Razı S
PS9B 16:00 16:25 Blockchain based “Proof of eXecution” Iosif Peterfi S
16:25 16:50 Do students transitioning to university justify their scientific practice in a different way than established students at universities? A quantitative study on justification patterns in research integrity Julia Priess-Buchheit & Marie Alavi S
PS9C 16:00 16:45 Publishing high quality academic integrity research: Insights from the Editorial Board of the International Journal for Educational Integrity Sarah Elaine Eaton, Tomáš Foltýnek, Irene Glendinning, Zeenath Reza Khan, Thomas Lancaster & Stella-Maris Orim W
PS9D 16:00 16:45 Perceptions and illusions of students regarding presumably undetected cheating during the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece (corrected with ref) Yiannis Kiouvrekis, Giorgos Andrikopoulos & Angelika Kokkinaki L

19:00 Late Conference gala dinner

Friday, June 11th

PD3 9:00 10:30 Panel: Future of software tools for academic integrity, Moderator: Tomáš Foltýnek

MS 10:30 11:00 Social coffee break & Meet the sponsors

PS10 11:00 11:45 Parallel sessions
PS10A 11:00 11:45 Cross-language plagiarism detection: a case study of European universities academic works Oleg Bakhteev, Yury Chekhovich, Georgy Gorbachev, Tatyana Gorlenko, Andrey Grabovoy & Kirill Grashche L
PS10B 11:00 11:25 Academic Integrity in Online Exams: An Exploratory Study of Student Perceptions in the UAE Sabiha Mumtaz, Sabreen Wahbeh & Eman Abuelrub S
11:25 11:50 Embracing Community-building in Online Classes to Promote Academic Integrity: A Case Study Miranda Karjagdi Çolak S
Understanding reasons students may plagiarise in online assessments Ajrina Hysaj & Zeenath Reza Khan
Gateway to preparing K-12 students for higher education – reflections on organizing an academic integrity camp Zeenath Reza Khan, Ajrina Hysaj, Serene John & Sara Khan
The Development of Academic Integrity in Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Semey Z. S. Zainiyeva & R. A. Kaiyrkenova
“I was ripped off”: Examining the discourse of consumer entitlement in commercial contract cheating. Felicity Prentice
University ombudsmen annual reports as a barometer of the incidence of students’ academic dishonesty on campuses RUBÉN COMAS FORGAS
PS10D 11:00 11:45 Academic Integrity in the Age of COVID-19: the Case of Tertiary Education System in Greece Yiannis Kiouvrekis, Giorgos Andrikopoulos & Angelika Kokkinaki L

PS11 12:00 12:45 Parallel sessions
PS11A 12:00 12:45 AI is not a Game – student engagement with Academic Integrity through an adventure style game Miranda Dodd & Ran Peleg L
PS11B 12:00 12:45 Calling out the elephant in the room – integrity and ethical practices in times of crises Christopher Hill & Zeenath Reza Khan L
PS11C 12:00 12:25 Student insight on academic integrity Kelley A. Packalen & Kate Rowbotham S
12:25 12:50 A Universal Approach to A Culture of Integrity: “A Family Built on Trust” Camilla J. Roberts S
PS11D 12:00 12:25 Academic misconduct in medical students: do psychological well-being traits play a role? Ana Cristina Veríssimo, George A.M. Conrado, Joselina Barbosa, Sandra F. Gomes, Pedro Oliveira & Laura Ribeiro S
12:25 12:50 Academic Integrity Strategies: Positive, Preventative, and Punitive Lorna Waddington & Caroline Campbell S
13:00 14:00 Lunch break. Sponsors slot: Ouriginal; Compilatio

PS12 14:00 14:45 Parallel sessions
PS12A 14:00 14:45 Assessing students online – enablers and barriers to using e-proctoring and alternative methods Jarret Dyer, Zeenath Reza Khan & Christopher Hill W
PS12B 14:00 14:45 Contract Cheating And Unauthorised Homework Assistance Through Reddit Communities Thomas Lancaster & Rahul Gupta L
PS12C 14:00 14:45 Indigenous Academic Integrity Keeta Gladue W
PS12D 14:00 14:45 It happens to everyone: Why do high-performing students also plagiarize? Jovana Janinović, Sanja Peković, Rajka 1Đoković & Dijana Vučković L

PS13 15:00 15:45 Parallel sessions
PS13A 15:00 15:25 Ensuring Academic Integrity during Emergency Remote Teaching, 2020 Eglė Ozolinčiūtė Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures S
15:25 15:50 From academic and research integrity towards integrity in business and society Egle Ozolinčiūtė, Sonja Bjelobaba, Maryna Zharikova, Sandra Krutuliene S
PS13B 15:00 15:25 Raising awareness of inclusive practice in academic integrity Mary Davis S
15:25 15:50 Changes in Academic Misconduct Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic Bob Ives & Ana-Maria Cazan S
PS13C 15:00 15:25 Pandemic Effects on Academic Integrity in Online Education: Shifting the Lens to a Developmental Perspective Camilla J. Roberts S
15:25 15:50 Academic Integrity Literacy of an online university students at the time of enrollment in postsecondary courses Zakir Hossain S
PS13D 15:00 15:45 Are Honor Codes examples of American Exceptionalism? The comparison between the US and European Honor Codes in Higher Education Institutions Rajka Đoković, Sanja Peković, Jovana Janinović, Dijana Vučković & Marijana Blečić L
KN3 16:00 16:45 Keynote – Sarah Eaton: Communities of Integrity: Engaging Ethically Online for Teaching, Learning, and Research
C 17:00 17:45 Closing
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Mendel University in Brno
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