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We are delighted to invite you to the European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia
ECEIA 2025, organized by the Centre of Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University in
Sweden as the 11 th annual conference of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI).
ENAI is an association gathering educational institutions and individuals interested in
maintaining and promoting academic integrity. This esteemed event will take place from 16 th to
19 th June 2025 in Uppsala, Sweden.

The conference will bring together researchers, educators, and professionals from various fields
to discuss critical issues in academic integrity, research integrity, and research ethics. This year’s
main topics include:

Ethical Use of AI in Education and Research: Exploring the ethical implications of
integrating artificial intelligence in educational settings and research practices.

Publication Ethics: Addressing the challenges and best practices in maintaining integrity
in academic publishing.

Research Security: Focusing on safeguarding scientific activities against misuse and
undue influence, ensuring the protection of intellectual property and sensitive data.

Industrialization of Misconduct: Examining the rise of systematic fraudulent practices
such as essay and paper mills and predatory journals, and their impact on scientific

Policy Development: Discussing the development and implementation of effective
policies to promote and uphold ethical standards in academic and research environments.

Equity and Diversity in Academic Integrity, Research Integrity, and Research
Emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusive academic environments,
promoting diversity, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all participants.
Our conference aims to foster a collaborative environment that promotes the exchange of ideas
and the development of new strategies to enhance ethics and integrity in academia We are
committed to diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our program reflects a wide range of
perspectives and experiences.