Here you may find all information concerning the Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era

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The registration for the Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era will open soon!

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We are delighted to announce that the 10th ENAI Annual Conference 2024 will take place from 21st to 24th May 2024, in Gatineau – Ottawa (Canada). The conference is being organised in conjunction with the project Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention (PUPP) and the Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity (CSAI).

The conference welcomes contributions in both English and French. The conference proposals should reflect the conference theme:  Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era.

How the Conference will work

21st and 22nd May: Five parallel closed symposia will be held, each with a different theme. Details are below about how the symposia will operate.

21st May: In parallel with the symposia, there will be a programme of conference workshops – open to all conference participants.

Proposals are welcome for:

  • Single or multiple presenters – Workshops (90 minutes total) on topics relevant to the conference themes

22nd – 24th May: regular conference: presentation of papers 

Proposals are welcome for presentations in the following formats: 

  • Single Presenter or group – Lightning Talk (15 minutes total) 
  • Single Presenter or group – Full paper presentation (30 minutes total) 
  • Multiple Presenters – Roundtable (5-10 speakers, 90 minutes total)

The Registration and pricing

The Registration and pricing

The Symposium format

The goal of these symposia will be to foster collaboration between PUPP / ENAI / CSAI researchers and others to facilitate publication in the field of research on integrity. Five symposia will be held on the themes below:

The symposia will be modelled on the format of a Research-Education-Training scientific event. Each symposium will involve 10-15 persons who will be invited to submit a contribution in advance of the conference, based on a proposal submitted by individuals or teams before the deadline. Teams members may be researchers and/or doctoral students. The participants commit themselves to:  

  • Write on the theme established by the symposium coordinators; 
  • Submit a first draft of their paper three months before the symposium; 
  • Attend both days of the symposium in Gatineau / Ottawa, Canada; 
  • Read all other participants’ papers before they arrive at the symposium to actively contribute to the discussions; 
  • Act as the lead speaker for one other paper, i.e., prepare more in-depth comments and questions about the paper; 
  • Rework their paper based on comments received at the symposium into a final version ready for publication; 
  • Meet the deadlines set by the symposium coordinators to ensure all papers are published in a timely fashion. 
  • The five symposia will each provide an opportunity to discuss the submitted papers and offer suggestions to the authors. When the symposium is over, the papers will be submitted to an editor for a joint publication in the form of a book or journal special issue that will have been preapproved to reduce any delays.

Deadlines for expressions of interest and contribution proposals

  • For Symposium contributions: 1st September 2023
  • For Conference contributions: 30th October 2023

Further details about the conference, including keynote speakers will be announced in September.

More information is available here

More information is coming soon!