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Any kind of authorship attribution not based on genuine contribution (e.g. gift or guest authorship).

Source: ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

Form of academic misconduct when a person uses a third party to assist them to produce work (e.g. dissertation), whether or not payment or favour is involved.

Source: ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

Making up data, experiments, results, or other significant information and recording or reporting them.

Source: Adapted from: The Office of Research Integrity (ORI; link). In: ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

Manipulating educational, research or scholarship content, images, data, equipment, or processes in a way that they are inaccurately represented.

Source: Adapted from: Elsevier. Ethics in Research & Publication. Factsheet: Research Fraud (link). In: ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

Mistreatment of person(s) in order to benefit from unmerited advantages.

Source: ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

Using other people’s work and ideas without giving proper credit to the original source, thus violating the rights of the original author(s) to their intellectual outputs.

Source: European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (link) and ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity (link)

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